Service. We will do everything we can to support our members with their health, social, practical and emotional needs.

Ownership. The organisation belongs to its members and theirs will be the most important voice in all discussion and decision making.

Equality. We work with people who are often subject to stigma, discrimination and ridicule. We will create an atmosphere in which everyone is accepted as they are without question or criticism.

Activism. We will never accept “that’s the way it is” as a reason for our members not getting the help they need. We will always ask “would I accept this situation for myself or a member of my family?”

Partnership. We will build and maintain working relationships with all relevant statutory and voluntary agencies to improve both our service and theirs.

Advocacy. We will use the Association’s voice and influence to promote our members’ best interests. We will use membership of local bodies and forums to influence policy and service development.

Informality. Administration is supposed to work for people. We will never allow this to get the wrong way round.